Mole Hills...

When we've had 3 plus weeks of rain the Eastern mole is hard at work...chasing down his dinner - the earth worm. And they happily move anything to get to that delicious meal..including wrecking your yard! I specialize in trapping and generally run traps for 3 weeks to a month.

Why are they doing this!?

Moles have a high metabolism and they're also territorial. It's not uncommon for only a couple of moles to do damage like you see here in the picture. They will eat nearly their weight in food everyday which is primarily earthworms. Every now and then they'll catch a grub, or a beetle or eat grass roots. They favor making nests under trees or roots systems that attract moisture and food. You will likely see feeding tunnels near solid surfaces that hold heat, or near fences. They know how to protect themselves from dogs or other predators.

What's the solution?

I use kill traps that I check once a week. They're below the ground; safe from pets, and marked with a flag. What you see is what you get, and you know they're gone. There are plenty of other tools like worms, subsonic devices, etc. But these either scare them away and they come back, or they eat the bait, but you don't know if they died. Eventually they can come back so making the area uninviting and ensuring they don't breed underground is the best method.

If you are need of mole, gopher, or vole trapping please feel free to contact me or schedule an appointment.

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