JM Rodent Exclusion

Seeing something furry eating your food in the pantry or a grey blur running across the room is a sign that not only have rodents found a way in, but they're causing a health and structural hazard over time.  I conduct an inspection and offer a customized plan and options from baiting up to sealing and exclusion.


Attics, basements, wall sills, under sinks.  All areas that will have signs of where they eat, gnaw, or come in and out.


Mouse baits, bait stations interior or exterior, snap traps, catch and release traps.


Keeping them out is the one sure way to eliminate the issue.  Sealing junction boxes, inlet supply lines, siding crevices, soffit, eaves, facia exclusion.

Follow Thru

Re-inspecting for new signs or tracks, checking traps, rebaiting stations.  Having an annual routine can mean the difference between rodent free or not come harvest time.